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Senior Audrey Stroupe’s award winning piece, “Smarter Than You Look,” was awarded the highest and most difficult level of recognition: the Gold Key. Stroupe used oil painting for her entry into the Scholastic Art and Writing Contest.

Audrey Stroupe wins Scholastic Art Contest’s highest recognition: The Gold Key

Michaela Scott, Co Editor-in-Chief May 4, 2022

Senior Audrey Stroupe has been a four-time volleyball state champion, yet this year she won her first nonathletic recognition in the Scholastic Art and Writing Contest, the Gold Key.   “As...

Amy Perkins, Michelle Gettier, and Kathy Garrison are responsible for running the main office. “I do not think that this school would function without them,” Assistant Principal Kristyn Inman.

Front Office staff: The people that hold the school together

Jevonte Herron, Staff Writer April 4, 2022

Do you ever wonder what it’s like to run the front office of a school building? Buzzing in visitors, answering phones, doing early dismissals, and calling people down for admin. There is always someone...

Freshman Grace Roberts wins the Girls State Wrestling tournament on January 26. Roberts became the second female wrestler in school history to win a state championship. Photo courtesy of County Athletics.

Freshman becomes the second female wrestler in school history to win Wrestling State Championship

Michaela Scott, Co Editor-in-Chief April 4, 2022

Growing up in a household of nine siblings who nearly all wrestle, freshman Grace Roberts began learning the fundamentals of the sport at the age of nine years old. “I started wrestling after watching...

Michaela Scott and Charlotte Penberthy sit behind a table outside of the cafeteria, supervising the canned food drive and voter registration signups. Handmade posters are displayed behind them, further advertising the event.

Young Democrats and Young Republicans pair voter outreach with social service

Liberty Harrison, Managing Editor April 4, 2022

Michela Scott, a member of the Young Democrats, calls the lunch room to order, and as the rowdy crowd quiets down, she holds up a voter registration form, alerting people who are or are soon to be 18 of...

Elisheva Desser arrives on the set of American Idol. She participated in the 20th season that was hosted in Texas. 
Photo credit: Elisheva Desser’s Instagram account.

Senior Elisheva Desser appears on American Idol

Olivia DeWan, Online Editor April 4, 2022

She released her first EP at only sixteen years old under the name Caleny, then senior Elisheva Desser brought her talent to the stage seen all across the country. In October of 2021, the filming for the...

A group of senior handprints has already begun to fill a section of the wall. Each hand has its own unique colors and designs.

Seniors leave their final mark on the school

Maggie Sheridan, Co Editor-in-Chief April 4, 2022

As students pass by the stairs in the English hallway, an array of hands of all colors and designs can be seen, only continuing to grow in size and beauty.  The tradition of seniors placing their hands...

School becomes more stressful with optional masks

Hannah Winegar, Staff Writer April 4, 2022

Everyday I sit in classrooms with 15 or more students for seven hours. When Loudoun County Public Schools announced that masks are now optional, I can’t help but feel nervous. Nervous that when someone...

Members of the boys basketball team pose after winning the regional championship against Loudoun Valley on February 25. The game was close, but the Captains pulled a 61-57 win over Valley to continue their journey to the state championship versus the Varina Blue Devils. Photo by Jim Klimavicz.

Boys basketball completes historic season

Jevonte Herron, Staff Writer April 4, 2022

Going into the season the boys basketball team had no expectation of making it to states, only to play their best. “As we start going to start playing, I think we held a high expectation for ourselves...

Juniors Laysha Ricci and Amber Owens work together in their Study Hall. Photo by Olivia DeWan.

Times are changing: Loudoun County students can go unmasked

Olivia DeWan, Online Editor April 4, 2022

On April 30, 2020, Americans were encouraged by the CDC to wear a mask in order to combat the spread of COVID 19. For the last two years the bottom half of faces were unseen, but on February 16, 2022 the...

Newspaper staff decide which articles will appear in the April 2022 edition. When schools closed to in-person learning in March 2020, the newspaper, then called The Loudoun Raider, moved to an online-only format. The April 2022 edition will be the first print edition since January 2020.  (Crawford Holmes, Cat Pizzarello, Evelyn Kuzminski, Lorenzo Salas, Maggie Walker, Daniel DeLargy, Matt, Hannah Winegar)

“Wait, we do?”

Crawford Holmes and Cat Pizzarello, Staff Writers April 4, 2022

Wait, County has a school newspaper?  Contrary to many students' beliefs, Loudoun County does in fact have a school newspaper. The County Chronicle has been operating since 1954 when Loudoun County...

The cast of Improvasaurus last performed in late February at their Jurassic Park themed show. They decorated the blackbox with a set of flowers and trees. Photo via LCHS Improvasaurus Instagram (@lchs_improvasaurus).

Left to right, top to bottom: Maxwell McKnight, Jordan Pierson, Sophia Hylton, Devin Carpenter, Kat Blackwood, Olivia Azzouz, Kieran Fensterwald (co-captain), Zachary Collins (coach), Anna Diem (co-captain), Cy Starr, Lily Takemoto, Jada Venson, EJ Faal.

Improvasaurus: An ad-libbed act

Evelyn Kuzminski, Layout Editor April 4, 2022

A stage, a cast, a set… sounds like an ordinary theater production, right? Not quite. Attend an Improvasaurus show and you won’t find a full play with scripted lines or an overarching plot. In each...

A rally attendee holds up a sign stating that she is fighting for the school board to “stand up for our children, our state, and our country,” along with an American flag. Photo by Alexis Shugars.

Loudoun County is a lightning rod for crazy

Alexis Shugars, Staff Writer April 4, 2022

As a crowd of people rush into the Loudoun County Public Schools Administrative Offices parking lot, they eagerly wait to listen to the leaders of the rally passionately speak their opinions about the...

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