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Junior Casper Phillips studies an extensive slide including topics that will be tested on the AP Exam Taking exam. The exam has been described as “the crown jewel of APs” by College Board executive William Yale, and will include content and skills from all other AP courses, culminating in a final exam that will primarily test students’ memorization and critical thinking skills. Photo by Evelyn Kuzminski.

College Board introduces new AP class: AP Exam Taking

Evelyn Kuzminski, Layout Editor March 30, 2023

 A new class has joined the hoard of over three dozen AP courses available to high school students across the country: AP Advanced Placement Exam Taking. The curriculum for this new class will include...

Students and zombies participate in an impromptu race to lighten the dreary mood.

A push for school closure after zombie outbreak

Berek Harrison and Ethan Kopp March 30, 2023

Parents were worried after students never came home last Wednesday, especially since earlier that day students had texted home pictures of strange military trucks outside of the school. “After the trucks...

One of the many posters that were created in support of the petition to bring Stark back to life. Not only were these put up around schools all over the county, but they were also blasted across social media. Photo by Olivia DeWan.

Marvel’s beloved hero Tony Stark confirmed resurrection for phase five

Olivia DeWan, Editor-in-Chief March 30, 2023

It would be an understatement to say that Marvel fans everywhere were devastated by Tony Stark’s death in Avengers: EndGame. The entire fanbase grieved for months before somewhat coming to terms with...

Alphonso Young during a performance of “Christmas is coming” from the “A Charlie Brown Christmas” soundtrack, with the Eric Byrd Trio. He has been performing with them for over twenty years. Photo courtesy of Alphonso Young.

Local guitar teacher and drummer Alphonso Young on being in a band for twenty years, and performing at the Kennedy Center

William Kluttz, Staff Writer March 29, 2023

Students who went to Simpson Middle School will likely remember Alphonso Young, and the nicknames that he gave to students. Young is a guitar teacher at Simpson and Smart's Mill Middle Schools, and a jazz...

Cancel Culture harms humanity’s ability to grow

Karen Martinez March 29, 2023

Cancel culture does more than good, it has been hurting humanity’s ability to grow since 2020.   Cancel culture, a “punishment” online that people use nowadays to call out celebrities or big...

New seedlings experience their first day out in the open, hardening them to the fluctuating temperatures and varied weather conditions before they are planted.

Local Farmer-Florist Pioneers Sustainable Floriculture Movement

Liberty Harrison, Editor-In-Chief March 29, 2023

Sage Devlin is one of a new generation of flower farmers and stylists pioneering eco-friendly floriculture and floristry. They run Far Bungalow Farms, in Leesburg, Virginia. Although they didn’t always...

As Quizlet puts up paywalls, other websites come to the rescue

Berek Harrison and William Kluttz March 29, 2023

It’s 11:25, you've just got back from practice, you’re too tired to do anything, but you have a math homework packet, a science worksheet, a history flashcard set to run through, and an English paper...

The trails of Banshee Reeks crisscross meadows and the forest in the distance. Photo by Liberty Harrison.

How to Hike Leesburg

Liberty Harrison, Editor-In-Chief March 29, 2023

You are sitting in your house on a Saturday afternoon, stressed about your latest test, relationship drama, or the AP tests looming on the horizon. You just drank a too sugary soda to get some quick energy...

The Environmental Advisory Commission’s last Keep Leesburg Beautiful initiative, in October of 2022, included stream cleanup. The latest opportunity for community participation is April 22. Organizations, families, clubs, and individuals are all invited to join the cleanup efforts. 

Photo Credit: TownofLeesburgVA official instagram

Leesburg’s Environmental Advisory Commission brings awareness and activism to town residents

Liberty Harrison, Editor-In-Chief March 29, 2023

For many years, the Town of Leesburg has made an effort to promote environmentally friendly practices. The Environmental Advisory Commission was created to act in an advisory capacity to the Town Council...

Senior Sydney Tamsett (left) with her great aunt, Ada Patroni, and mother, Anasofia Monteblanco, at the exhibition of Tamsett’s work “Decay” on display at the Brambleton Library. Tamsett created the six watercolor panels over the course of a few weeks in her Art III class. Photo courtesy of Sydney Tamsett.

Micro gallery displays students’ creative passions

Evelyn Kuzminski, Layout Editor March 29, 2023

Like many others, senior Sydney Tamsett spent much of her time in quarantine working on a hobby: her art. “I needed something to do,” the senior said. “So I started spending more time on it.” Now,...

Shuyler Henderson looks on as the players warm up during practice on March 13. This is Hendersons first year as Boys Tennis Coach. Photo by William Kluttz.

Sports Marketing teacher Schuyler Henderson begins first year as Boys Tennis coach

William Kluttz, Staff Writer March 29, 2023

First year teacher Schuyler Henderson is starting his first year of coaching as well, taking over the boy’s tennis team.  Henderson originally didn’t expect to be a coach going into this year....

Freshman Sabrine Toumi completes a high jump at the Park View Classic on December 3. Toumi broke the school record in shot put this season. Photo by O’Neal Photography.

Winter track team triumphs by shattering several school records

Olivia DeWan, Editor-In-Chief March 29, 2023

With a temperature of 30 degrees and a wind chill that makes it feel like 20, the LCHS Varsity track team huddles in the bleachers under thermal blankets and sweatshirts as they wait for the first call...

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