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Lack of space forces school to turn over 100 students from taking food courses

June 13, 2022

With our school being the oldest in the county, comes classroom limitations. Our culinary arts room is affected by this with not having all equipment necessary to run class smoothly on a day to day basis...

Is art oppressed?: Art teachers expose how physical space impacts learning

Lorenzo Salas, Staff Writer June 9, 2022

Last summer, the Loudoun County High school art teachers were told to expect renovations to the art rooms as a way to get more room to teach and create art. However, as of May 23, the art room hasn't gotten...

(Left to right) Onyx Cummings, Phylo Schaefer, B. Lee, Charlie Warnen, Elliot Nguyen, and Kade Vasquez pose for a group photo at the 2022 Pride Prom.

Pride Prom provides students a safe space

Alexis Shugars, Staff Writer June 7, 2022

On May 15, Loudoun County High School organized its very own ‘Pride Prom', an event designed for LGBTQIA+ students, home to both our own school as well as other schools in the county, who may not feel...

I display my XC and Track varsity letter and awards, along with my academic varsity letter on a medal stand. It made me wonder what other students do with their letters. Photo by Cat Pizzarello.

Varsity letters- What to do with them?

Cat Pizzarello, Staff Writer June 7, 2022

You often see them in 90’s movies worn on the backs of many flaunting their earned varsity jackets. Since 1865, originally earned by Harvard University baseball team, varsity letters have been a venerable...

Brighton Lieu named graduation commencement speaker

Ethan Weiss, Staff Writer June 7, 2022

Graduation is quickly approaching. On Friday June 17 the class of 2022 will officially finish their high school career and prepare to move into the next part of their lives. Graduation is a way for the...

Tunnels under Loudoun County High School? The Mystery and Why They were Built

Tunnels under Loudoun County High School? The Mystery and Why They were Built

Cat Pizzarello, staff writer June 7, 2022

There are 5 entrances to the crawl spaces in this old boiler room. The machinery in much of this space is no longer used in the school. Pictures by Cat Pizzarello Down the stairs in the...

Hardworking SSO Stacey Beltran works in her office, which she is not in very often because she is usually walking around the halls. 
Photo by Jevonte Herron.

Stacy Beltran brings leadership knowledge to County

Jevonte Herron, Staff Writer June 1, 2022

Former Army sergeant Stacy Beltran is already used to managing a group of people. As a sergeant, she often managed five to eight soldiers.  Now, the number she looks after is much larger, but after...

Amelia Anderson won first place in Miss Skyline Drive’s Outstanding Teen pageant, and poses proudly with her sash and crown. 
	Photo by Kimberly Needles Photography.

Amelia Anderson: A Pageant Queen’s Inspiration for Aviation

Olivia DeWan, Online Editor June 1, 2022

Flying thousands of miles above the ground at break-neck speed. Alone in the cockpit navigating through the vast expanse of the sky. These are not the typical activities one would expect from a pageant...

Suraphel Getahun serves math teacher Todd Risser at the pop up shop during eighth block on March 31. Zevonn Sledd serves in the background.

Captains Creamery pop-up shop offers student development and teachers relaxation

Hannah Winegar, Staff Writer June 1, 2022

Teachers taking a break from grading papers, stepping into the upstairs classroom, are immediately met with the smiling faces of students in the workplace skills class. Classy music relaxes the atmosphere...

Lack of classroom space proves challenging

Hannah Winegar, staff writer May 31, 2022

Loudoun County High School was designed in the 1950s, when classes were run much differently. No one had Chromebooks or phones, and students were expected to sit passively in neat rows while the teacher...

Loudoun County High Schools NJROTC Orienteering team competes at the 2022 NJROTC National Orienteering Invitational Championship

Fabrizio Flores, Guest Writer May 20, 2022

On  March 12 and 13, 15 LCHS NJROTC cadets from the Orienteering team participated in the National Orienteering Invitational Championship in San Jose, California. Three teams competed: Varsity (Gabe Du...


Lorenzo Salas, staff writer May 2, 2022

Loudoun County High School was built in 1954, and in 2022, many students would agree that the school has seen better days. Perhaps the physical issues with the building are more pronounced now, or maybe...

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