Photo feature: Students social distancing edition

Over the summer and extended social distance and shelter-at-home mandates, students were forced to isolate with their families, which offered a chance to bond much more than they ever had before the global pandemic struck. Some teens picked up hobbies, like painting, skateboarding, and exercise; others followed safety precautions to travel among their families. Students submitted photos of what they have been doing in their pastime to make up for the things 2020 has restricted.

Junior Riccardo Iasci skates at the Wy’East Mountain Academy in Sandy, Oregon. “I was lucky enough to be able to practice during this time, but we all wore masks and followed COVID-19 guidelines to insure safety the whole time we were in the skating school,” Iasci said.


Sophomore John Penberthy and junior Charlotte Penberthy swim with siblings in Arizona during late July. “The highlight of my trip was White water rafting in the Colorado river through the Grand Canyon. Surprisingly, the water was pretty cold, but refreshing from the humid air,” Charlotte said.


Sophomores and Juniors, (left to right) Joey Fitzpatrick, Hunter Whitt, Daniel DeLargy, Wilson Kern, Lillian Kern, Maris Kern, Owen Fisher, Payton David, Mason Stuck share their quarantined family vacation in the OBX, North Carolina.


Senior Audrey Luhr at her father’s house in Nebraska during the early Fall. “My dad lives in Nebraska, so it was nice traveling a bit over this crazy time. My favorite part of being here was my nature walks around this lake!” said Luhr.


Junior Imani Stringfellow stands at Oceanside PIer in Ponto Beach, California. Stringfellow visited her family there for Thanksgiving, making sure to follow strict COVID-19 guidelines. “I was so lucky to visit the beach every day I was here,” said Stringfellow.


Junior Isabella Mitchum on a hike in Montana with her sibling. “Over quarantine I visited Montana with my family when they came home from college,” said Mitchum. “It was really great to get out of NOVA for a little.”


Junior Stephen Massaqoui celebrates a quarantined birthday with family. “I got to safely celebrate my step sister’s birthday with our cousins during the summertime,” said Massaqoui.


Disclaimer: In compliance with governor’s orders, all school-sponsored activities followed physical distancing and mask requirements, but due to the nature of COVID-19 limiting school activities, the community was invited to submit pictures for the newspaper. Many of these photos occurred on private residential property and therefore may not conform to the regulations binding school-sponsored activities.