Captain Crunch announced to be new captain of LCHS


Senior Taylor McCully enjoys a bowl of Captain Crunch cereal before school while showing her support for our new mascot. It has become her favorite cereal brand.

After many debates, our school has finally made the difficult decision to change our mascot. Although the former logo for the  Captains was a good option, students and staff agreed it was boring and we needed to add some spice. 

There were many ideas of what a good mascot entailed and what would be most appropriate for our school in particular. Eventually, we finally decided upon Captain Crunch, to the delight of many. 

“Captain Crunch was an idea the students had and submitted as a proposal. Us faculty and staff agreed it was a great idea. It is very unique and fits our motto of the Captains, while also having a fun aspect,” Principal Michelle Luttrell said. 

Everyone agrees that this mascot is a much better option than the previous. “We kids here at County absolutely love the Captain Crunch cereal,” Junior Taylor McCully said, “We all bond over it and eat it for breakfast constantly, so of course it is great to see our school is represented by the cereal we love.” 

The school has even started changing the sports jerseys and logos around the school, which the Captain Crunch brand sponsored. The new jerseys depict the Captain Crunch man next to a bowl of cereal on the front of them with CC in large letters to the side. 

The aux gym also has a new mural of the man himself surrounded by his famous crunch berries. “During gym, I always find myself glancing at the new mural of Captain Crunch, it is so vibrant and colorful and makes my mouth water,” McCully said.

“After deciding on Captain Crunch, we had to get work started right away on the design,” Luttrell said, “All extra money from the budget will go towards making every blank spot around the school related to the Captain in some way.” 

The SCA played a key role in the final decision on the mascot. “As a group, we spent long hours trying to come up with something that we thought everyone would like,” SCA Junior Delegate Jiya Manalel said, “Captain Crunch is the best cereal, and many students are obsessed with it, so we knew that was the one.”

One way in which the school has incorporated Captain Crunch into the lives of students is by offering free bowls of the cereal to students every morning until 9:15. “The cereal has been a huge hit,” Luttrell said, “Even I can’t help myself, and have to sneak a bowl or two every once in a while.” 

Some parents were a bit critical of eating so much sugar in the morning, however the school has eased all of their worries. “We have actually found that the high sugar intake increases students’ attention span during class,” Luttrell said, “It is even correlated to higher test scores.” 

The Captain Crunch man has had a positive impact for so many students. “I am so glad the school decided to use him,” Manalel said. “Imagine using something silly like just the Captains, how odd would that be?”

“Hopefully, Captain Crunch will continue to be a hit throughout the school and continue to make its mark for all, it certainly has thus far,” Luttrell said.