Athlete of the issue: Abby Chinn


Abby Chinn runs up the court to help her teammates play against Briar Woods on November 20, 2022. Ultimately, the Captains lost the game to Briar 14-47. Photo courtesy of Kiko Dudley

Six years ago junior Abby Chinn started officially playing basketball, but her story began with her brothers in her backyard.

Originally my parents were looking for a team sport for me to be involved in,” Chinn said. “I had tried a bunch of other things like soccer and ballet and none of them stuck with me until basketball.”

During the season, Chinn practices for around 12 hours a week not including games. In her past, she participated in many sports that took up a good portion of her time, but she was forced to make a choice.

I’m only committed to basketball,” Chinn said. “I did play flag football up until high school, but I decided basketball was where my heart was at.”

Adding to her connection for basketball, she needed a number that conveyed her passion for it. 

My number is two,” Chinn said. “Originally I just chose it, but later I began to associate it with the two people who influenced my game the most, my oldest brother and my dad.”

Basketball influenced Chinn´s relationships with her family and her teammates.

“Outside of the game, basketball gives me a sense of community with my team and a better relationship with my dad and brothers as another way to connect with them,” Chinn said. “I love my teammates that I’m currently with, they are so motivating and fun to play with.”

But basketball comes with its difficulties, as it’s a physically demanding sport.

“The biggest challenge was the mental challenges and getting through injuries,” Chinn said. “I got two concussions back to back last year and missed my entire first varsity season because of that and resulting health issues. I also tore cartilage in my hip later that year and needed surgery.”

Regardless of her injuries, Chinn was still able to push through and be a contributing member of the girls’ varsity team. 

“My greatest accomplishment is probably getting to the varsity level,” Chinn said. “I was worried because I thought I had started too late compared to everyone else to make it.”

In addition, Chinn won athlete of the month in January for girl’s basketball. Chinn’s pre-game rituals contributed to her performance on the court, which led to her award.

“I like to practice before games and practices, just me in the backyard to build up confidence,” Chinn said. “I also like to listen to music.”

Through her hard work, she earned many treasured memories.

“There’s a lot of games I’ve played, but I’d probably say the Rock Ridge game from this year and the valley game from my freshman year,” Chinn said. “The energy was just so intense from everyone on the floor and the bench.”

Chinn owes her success to her constant source of inspiration: her dad.I’d say that my dad has been my biggest coach/influence on my basketball career,” Chinn said. “He was in the backyard with me coaching me through my first made basket and he’s still giving me pointers today.”