Stafford clinches ring after Bengals go on miracle run.

Bengals and Rams face off on the big stage, and the whole world is watching. Photo credit by Shutterstock.

Bengals and Rams face off on the big stage, and the whole world is watching. Photo credit by Shutterstock.

This past Sunday, Super Bowl LVI hit our television screens. The Rams and the Begals fought it out in a close game for the Lombardi trophy. 

The Bengals came in as a 4 point underdog against the Rams. This is largely because the Rams have the best pass rush in the league with Aaron Donald and Von Miller at the helm. 

The Rams’ offense going into the game was strong as well with the offensive player of the year Cooper Kupp who absolutely dominated this season. Odell Beckham Jr, recent waiver pickup, has also shown to be a key contributor to the Rams electric offense.

The Bengals going into the game have not as much going for them. Their offensive line is in shambles as Joe Burrow was sacked nine times against the Titans. But, the Bengals do have a solid run game with Joe Mixon and have the dynamic duo of Burrow and Ja’Mar Chase, which has made countless huge plays down field.

In the first quarter, the Rams struck first. Rams QB Matthew Stafford threw a great pass to OBJ and led to the first TD in OBJ’s first ever Super Bowl. 

The Bengals struck back with a huge reception to Chase, Chase made the play on star Cornerback Jaylen Ramsey. This led to a Bengals Field goal and a 3 to 7 score after the first.

In the second, the Rams scored again with a TD to Kupp. And the Bengals had their first TD of the game with a “Cincinnati special” where RB Joe Mixon threw the pass on a Handoff to Tee Higgins.

For the 3rd quarter, the Bengals started off on fire with a 75 yard bomb to Higgins. Although there was a pretty clear facemask on Ramsey, the play had no flags and the Bengals took the league.

Stafford, following the huge play by Burrow, threw a pick in the Bengals’ field position. The Bengals had all the momentum now.

But the Bengals had to settle for a field goal. They could not convert anything more on offense for the game. The Rams defense stepped up when it mattered.

Stafford was able to march down the field with the continues help of Kupp. Kupp caught the game winning TD to win the Superbowl 23- 20.