Senior Brenden Boyers looks to capture states before graduating


In the home game against Broad Run, senior Brenden Boyers catches and shoots the ball behind the arch. The Captains were successful with this win. Photo courtesy of John Klimavicz.

As one of the few seniors on the team, guard Brenden Boyers has the earned leadership experience being one of the captains on the boys’ basketball team.


“It’s a big responsibility as a senior to make sure practice runs smoothly, keep my guys in check, and make sure we play as a family all the time,” said Boyers.


Boyers thinks he still can improve on his averaging since he likes to aim high, but it’s at a good number, which is 16 or 17. “But at the same time I always have bigger goals for myself and I want to keep up in that average every game,” said Boyers. 


Boyers believes he and the team started off rough, but are beginning to pick it up. “We’re starting to figure it out, playing as a family now, and getting pretty big wins,” said Boyers. 


Boyers still believes he has some individual work to do to help him and his team finish the season off strong.  


Boyers has goals for the future of the County basketball team, saying he hopes to “get my teammates involved a little bit more while still being that scorer that I kind of always have been.”