Movie Review: IT

The movie IT hit the theaters on September 8th, 2017. This movie was a top hit based off of the book by Stephen King. IT is about a clown named Pennywise that comes out every 27 years after sleeping. He always causes a series of horror-filled events that affect the kids around the town that he lives in. In this particular year that he comes out, he targets a nerdy group of high schoolers the summer after their freshman year. Throughout the movie, these kids have to deal with various bullies taunting them as well as the haunting events that happen when they’re in the presence of Pennywise the clown.

Nicole: IT is a must see! The movie has the perfect combination of horror and humor.

In the beginning of the movie when all of the actors are introduced, thee producers do a great job of setting up their characters for the rest of the movie. Even though they were all young, they were phenomenal actors and their parts were played very realistically.

The lighting in the movie was extraordinary. Whenever a scene was suspenseful, the lighting would get darker which put the audience on the edge of their seats but whenever a scene was happy, the lighting would get brighter to make the audience feel the positive mood that the lighting gave.

Sound effects were also a key point in making this movie powerful. If something scary were coming, the directors would play music that added to the suspense. On the contrast, if something happy was happening on screen, the music would be nice and peaceful. The movie had scary special effects on screen too which helped add to the audience’s understanding of the plot.

This movie was very good, however, it wasn’t extremely scary besides the jump scares but if you scare easily, it is perfect for you.

Audrey: If you enjoy movies that keep you on the edge of your seat, then IT is the movie for you. I have never been a huge fan of scary movies, so when I saw the trailer for IT I immediately assumed I would not like it at all. Surprisingly, this movie was different.

The entire movie had vivid imagery that showed the horror that the director wanted to portray to watchers. The characters had their own distinct role and personality. The music and the dark colored scenes gave a suspenseful feel. The lighting and screenplay played an important role to the development of the movie scene by scene.

I assumed this movie would be strictly horror all around, but I found some dark humor that I did not expect to be there. The sense of humor was so dark and twisty that it almost came off as creepy and disturbing. I enjoyed this movie because it did not come off as scary as the trailer made it out to be. The music equaled out the horror of the clown and the remainder of the character.

I found this movie to be interesting and worth seeing, but I did not find it worth all the hype it was getting. If you like scary movies that aren’t extremely terrifying, then IT is the movie for you!