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LCHS Captains Playhouse presents “Love Lessons”

The lights dim throughout the auditorium to reveal four statues on stage. The hush of the audience only amplifies the surprise when one of the statues, who isn’t really a statue at all, begins to move and speak. Thus begins “Love Lessons,” the One Act play presented by the Captains’ Playhouse on March 1.

Written by the former drama teacher, John Wells, the play follows the journey of a girl who stays after hours at a museum only to discover that the statues are alive. The statues then begin giving her love advice to help her with her love life, hence the name “Love Lessons.” 

“It’s a fun script, there’s a lot of great characters in it, and a lot of great acting choices to be made,” Nathan McGraw, director and theater teacher, said. 

Originally scheduled for January 19, the play was initially canceled due to a snow day. This presented challenges with rescheduling, as the play was set to be put on after school hours. “Some of them are not always available after school, so we had to find a date that would work where everyone is available,” McGraw said. Maintaining interest in the play among the theater class was also important. “It’s been about keeping it fresh so that everyone’s still invested in it so that everyone’s still finding fun in the show, both myself and the students,” McGraw said.

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Aside from the show at County, the play was also entered into the VHSL One-Act Play Competition. Competing against schools all around the region, the Captains Playhouse placed first in districts and third in regionals, marking the first time in eight years that County’s theater department had made it to regionals. Despite the Captains’ Playhouse’s clear skill, the competition was always more about passion than placing. “Usually the events are filled with a lot of support, a lot of positivity, and a lot of camaraderie… it’s more like a day of performances and less of a competition of performances,” McGraw said. 

During the performance, both the actors’ and McGraw’s love for theater and storytelling shone through. “You could do something really simple with just four boxes like we’re doing, and still convey a larger-than-life story,” McGraw said. Despite the set not being the biggest, and the budget not being the highest, the Captains successfully captivated their audience with a beautiful show that held a compelling message. 

“There’s a saying where you can take cardboard and turn that into magic,” McGraw said. The Captain’s showing of the “Love Lessons” play certainly solidified the truth of that saying.

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