Captains Playhouse presents unforgettable performance of “Almost Maine”

Loudoun County’s drama department put on an outstanding performance of “Almost Maine” on February 16-18. This Valentine’s Day themed production tells the story of nine different couples within the small borough of Almost, Maine, navigating their way through relationships and love.

Where it Went: Seniors Jada Venson (Marci) and EJ Faal (Phil), play a couple on an ice skating trip, as they start to argue due to Marci’s missing skate. Marci accuses Phil of never listening to her. Phil strongly disagrees until Marci reveals that it is their anniversary. She hands Phil her wedding ring before leaving him standing alone. (Jevonte Herron)


Story of Hope: Sophomore Frey Williams (Hope) visits the longtime home of her past significant other to answer his marriage proposal, only to find an unrecognizable man answer the door. After explaining to the man her reason for showing up on his doorstep, she finally recognizes him as her boyfriend, sophomore Kirby Pena (Daniel). Suddenly, another woman, sophomore, Jazmine Wills (Significant Other), emerges from the front door questioning who Daniel is talking to. After the new couple return back into their home, Hope screams “yes!”, twice before sadly walking away. (Jevonte Herron)

This Hurts: Senior Anna Takemota (Marvalyn) and freshman Collin Diem (Steve) play a pair of renters that meet in their apartment’s laundry room. After going through his life without the ability to feel pain, he finally experiences it after being hit with an iron board by Marvayn for the second time, referencing his new ability to feel love. (Jevonte Herron)

Sad an Glad: Freshman Rae Creppon (Sandrine) encounters past lover junior Alex McKay (Jimmy) at their local eatery, the Moose Paddy. Jimmy attempts to win back Sandrine’s heart, as waitress freshman Keira Pulley (Villain) interrupts the pair, eventually revealing Sandrine’s engagement to another man.
(Jevonte Herron)

They Fell: Two longtime friends, senior Evie Holmberg (Shelly) and sophomore Jamie-Faye McKnight (Deena) discuss their unfortunate experiences with men, as Shelly explains her resentment to the idea of continuing to go out with different male partners. Shelly then confesses her love towards Deena, to which she responds nonmutual way. As Shelly begins to walk away, she falls on the ground multiple times followed by Deena also falling on the ground, representing the pair falling in love. (Jevonte Herron)

Getting It Back: Junior Cy Starr (Gayle) and sophomore Will Senger (Lendall) play a couple who believed they were on different pages when it came to the next step in their relationship, marriage. Gale begins to carry countless garbage bags full of the love he gave her, into his house, stating that she is returning it to him and asks for the love she gave Lendall back. Lendall returns with a small box, appalling Gayle, until he reveals a ring inside of the box. (Jevonte Herron)

Her Heart: Sophomore Devin Carpenter (East) and junior Katlyn Guevara (Glory) meet outside of East’s house, as Glory is camping out in his yard in order to see the neon lights. Glory’s husband has just died, and she believes she will see him in the neon lights. East grabs a paper bag she was carrying, as Glory begins to hyperventilate, revealing that her heart is inside the bag. She tells East the story of her and her husband’s love, as East suddenly blurts out that he loves her. Glory backs away as she doesn’t want to fall in love with anybody, and breaks her new heart, eventually caving into the love story. Photo courtesy of Citrus Maddux.

The “Bench” Scenes: Sophomores Zea Davis (Pete) and Dulaney Luhrs (Ginnette) sit together on a bench, discussing their complex love for each other. The story spreads out between the prologue, interlude, and epilogue. Despite their apparent fear of love, in the end they embrace each other’s warmth on the wooden bench, as the story comes to an end. Photo Courtesy of Citrus Maddux.

Seeing the Thing: Senior Maxwell Mcknight (Dave) gifts his friend, sophomore Ryenn Bostian (Rhonda), a handmade painting after an exciting ski trip. The painting holds a hidden message that Rhonda struggles to interpret, leading Dave to blurt out his frustration as to why Rhonda never invites him to her house. He offers to teach Rhonda how to “paint” after stripping off his outer layer of clothes, revealing a white painter’s jumpsuit. Rhona excitedly takes his offer, finally inviting him inside. Photo Courtesy of Jada Venson.