Field hockey sticks together

Marshall Scott | Raider Staff

Field hockey is a new sport that has brought in tremendous interest and exciting games at Loudoun County High School. It first was added to the fall sports season two years ago and has since been very popular with the students. The team consists of girls of all grades alike that compete against teams across the county.

For those unfamiliar with the sport, it is very similar to the rules of ice hockey, played on turf, with eleven players on each team including one goalkeeper. Many girls who play lacrosse in the spring choose to play field hockey in the fall due to the similarities of the game and same coaches.

Forward Caili Shanahan, #28, enjoys the strong connection between the teammates. “We have a good bond on and off the field that makes us stronger when we’re on the field together. Everyone works hard in practice and it pays off in the games,” Shanahan said. Shanahan is a junior and second-year field hockey player, and part of the lacrosse team in the spring.

Being the newest team of Loudoun County athletics, the team is focused on growth and development, all while having fun. The team consists of girls of all grades, and the mix helps everyone balance their skills and working together. The underclassmen have the opportunity to learn and get better from the juniors and seniors, and eventually they will be in the same position.

Junior Sydney Vaka, #11, echoes Shanahan’s enjoyment of the connections the team has. “We win together, lose together, and most importantly we grow together. We’re a family, and everyone brings something to the table,” Vaka said. The girls are in it together no matter what, and their connections make an unbreakable bond that goes way beyond the game.

Field hockey is for fans of all sports alike, with an upbeat game pace that will always keep the audience standing. The County girls play with passion, heart, and drive that complements each other’s games and overall makes for an exciting game every time they play.