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BSU Celebrates Black History Month

Throughout our country’s history, the road to full acceptance for Black people has been complex and tumultuous. As a marginalized group, Black citizens have repeatedly had their culture suppressed through slavery, segregation, and systemic barriers.

As a result, many organizations believe it is important to consciously reverse every trace of oppression, which was legalized and normalized for over 100 years, especially at a high school that was not fully integrated until 1968. The Black Student Union (BSU) did just that by raising awareness and spotlighting Black people’s successes during Black History Month this past February

Since the inception of our BSU in early 2023, the goal has been to cultivate a culture of acceptance and inclusion. According to the BSU mission statement,: “This BSU aims to be a safe place where people of all races can come together and to create a community….” These values came to light when it was time to celebrate Black History Month.

Senior Madison Ruff is a co-leader of the Black Student Union. “We were inspired to create the club after realizing that we have never had one before,” Ruff said. “It was also February and we had so many ideas on how the school could celebrate Black History Month. Since Black history is so overlooked in the general school curriculum, I feel like Black History Month gives us the opportunity to educate people.” 

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The BSU kicked off Black History Month by posting a message on Instagram, which read in part, “We would like to wish everyone a happy Black History Month. Spend this month celebrating and remembering the impact of Black people in the U.S. this month.”

As the month progressed, BSU members featured “Teacher Spotlights” in which they interviewed Black teachers about what Black History Month means to them, including business teacher Stephane Longchamp, school counselor Jarrel Taylor, and career center assistant  Langston West. These teachers highlighted remembrance of their ancestors and celebration of culture as important aspects of Black History Month, adding insight about it being an opportunity to celebrate the achievements and successes in Black history.

The BSU celebrated Black History Month in a way that valued the achievements of Black people, and also ensured a future environment where Black students feel seen and heard.

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