Left: Kirsten Ponticelli and Antonio Robles review the new water fountain in the science hall as research for their Instagram account. After analyzing the new features, the duo posted A review on September 20, 2019.

If you’re a student that loves memes and social networking, you might’ve heard of the up-and-coming “LCHS Water Fountains” page on the popular media platform, Instagram.
Over the course of the past year, this page has analyzed and reviewed each water fountain throughout the school. Each post is filled with hilarious detail in each caption, which is what brings the most laughter to the students.

The two sophomores in charge of the famed comedy page are Kirsten Ponticelli and Antonio Robles. The account originally began during SOL season and as a small joke between their group of friends, although blowing up was always something that appealed to them.

“I noticed a huge difference between every fountain and felt like it was an amusing way to alert the public,” Ponticelli said.

According to the Instagram account, each water fountain can be distinguished by the way the flavor changes, the water temperature, the speed it’s shooting out of the fountain, and the height of the stream.

Although this topic may seem trivial, these students have put a satirical spin on each post, which is what’s drawn the most attention to this humorous page.

“The really intense detail is what makes it so funny, it’s just such a normal thing, but completely over the top,” said Robles. “Every caption includes extreme description.”

Robles and Ponticelli collaborate to create a report that kids would typically find in a meme online.

Throughout the growth of this media page, many other social networking accounts started popping up to join the trend, reviewing similar features around the school. But Robles and Ponticelli’s humor remains the original.

“Once our account started gaining more and more attention, other pages came about, like ‘LCH Staircases’ and ‘LCH Clocks,’ but we were the official trendsetters,” said Ponticelli.

Ponticelli and Robles both have very different forms of humor, which is what creates a great contrast when the two collaborate. Ponticelli credits professional American comedian Anthony Jeselnik as a huge influence on her comical aspect because she admires how dark his humor can get, and how nothing is off limits.

On the other hand, Robles is incredibly light-hearted and his jokes are mainly influenced by social media influencer, ‘Jericho.’

The two greatly admire the comedic genre and want to continue this passion even if it’s considered a pastime activity for them. Ponticelli has made remarks about beginning a comedy club to continue expressing her love for comedy. Robles claims he is just there to sell jokes and make the people around him laugh.

“It’s the best feeling ever making someone you don’t know laugh,” said Robles when asked what gives him the most personal satisfaction in his comedic work. “We both love what we do and I don’t think we’ll ever stop having this passion.”