Time for positivity: Sachi Kataria creates a positivity blog to help others


Sachi Kataria gets to work on her blog “One of a Kind”, where she writes positive messages to help others.

With all the negative stories we hear on a daily basis, it’s always very refreshing to hear something positive for a change. That is one thing sophomore Sachi Kataria set out to achieve when she created the “One of a Kind” blog.

Kataria says that the purpose of her blog is to create a community where she can help others see that things will get better, and others are likely going through similar things. “It’s a blog that works to bring those who are afraid to speak up a way to come together, feel loved and accepted, empower others, and feel good about themselves,” Kataria wrote.

According to Kataria, the name One of a Kind derives from the fact that no one person is the same as another. “Everyone has their achievements, quirks, flaws, and goals,” Kataria wrote. “That’s what makes each and everyone so special.”

She decided to start One of a Kind because of her own self-image issues. “I hope that people who visit my blog will come to realize that they are worth it,” Kataria stated.

Kataria originally came up with the idea to start One of a Kind in October, and first posted January 7, around her birthday. Kataria reveals, “During this time, I was struggling to be content with who I was, but writing on the blog helped me see that I’m perfect the way I am and I don’t have to change anything.” Kataria mostly writes about things she finds herself struggling with as a teenager and student.

In the future, Kataria hopes that she will be able to encourage more people to join her blog and become and active reader or commenter. Kataria concludes, “The more people that feel comfortable helping others by showing them that they are not alone, the stronger the community can form.”

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