News brief: PSAT continues in person despite pandemic

While many elements of student life have moved to distance learning during the current school year, the PSAT must be administered in person, per College Board rules, so no online alternative was possible. The PSAT and SAT were administered this year like every other, with new precautions taken in order to protect students.

The PSAT was administered in the school’s auxiliary gym, where desks were separated by eight feet. Juniors were able to take the PSAT on October 14 and 29. About 100 students attended each day. About 140 sophomores attended on January 26, where two large classrooms were also opened up for testing. Desks were separated by a minimum of six feet.

“All recommended COVID mitigation guidelines were followed,” said testing coordinator Kristina Taylor. “Students and staff were required to wear a face covering (cloth or disposable) at all times.”