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Flipped classrooms produce varying results

Sally Stimpson | Editor

Flipped classrooms: taking direct instruction and placing the responsibility on the individual learner rather than group instruction, then using classroom time to apply the content rather than doing direct instruction. This method has become increasingly popular in high schools across the country as evidence has shown that it can promote student engagement and enrich learning.

In fact, this approach has found its way into our own school with a variety of teachers using the process to teach their classes. In AP Government, teacher Monica Gill has adopted a flipped classroom every year for a number of different units.

“I use a flipped classroom in order to allow for more interactive classroom time. A flipped classroom sets up the opportunity to maximize time in covering content and allowing for richer class activities and simulation.”

Gill believes this setup has generally benefited her students. “I have mainly seen the flipped classroom help students. Students who engage in the flipped classroom tend to have a deeper connection with the material and are more invested in their learning.”

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While from 2012 to 2014 there was a 30% increase in the number of teachers using a flipped classroom, some studies indicate that they may not be more effective than the traditional classroom. A 2013 study from Harvey Mudd found no statistically significant difference between the success of their flipped classroom versus the success of their traditional classroom.

Furthermore, it seems that the flipped classroom has created mixed results among students. Some complain that the flipped classroom creates a heavier workload as they are expected to do more outside of class while others enjoy the hands-on activities included in the flipped classroom.

Despite these mixed opinions, flipped classrooms have continued to gain popularity and produce impressive results. 71% of teachers indicated that grades improved while implementing a flipped classroom strategy and 96% who have flipped would recommend the method to others.

Although there are two distinct sides to the flipped classroom debate, the majority of studies lean in favor of the method. However, most people recognize that the flipped classroom is only effective when implemented correctly. This means instructors must be dedicated to creating a positive experience for students that valuably utilizes classroom time to build upon material.

If done right, the flipped classroom has the potential to benefit both students and teachers with engaged learning and increased participation in the classroom.

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Flipped classrooms produce varying results