“We are overcoming it”: How art classes continue during distance learning


Art teachers Kyla Jenkins and Stephanie Woshner fill 708 paint cups to distribute to students amidst distance learning.

Kyla Jenkins has been trying to figure out different ways for her students to continue their usual art course. One way she’s overcoming these challenges is distributing art supplies to students’ homes.

“We gave out drawing supply kits first semester, and painting kits this semester. We had to do this, because, due to COVID restrictions, ‘class sets’ of things are not allowed,” Jenkins wrote. “We normally have class sets of supplies that are used each block. This was not an option this year. Also, since many students don’t have any art supplies at home at all, we had to assemble the kits for everyone to be successful, whether they were hybrid or distance learning.”

All students had an opportunity to pick up the painting kits on January 11, otherwise students are responsible for picking them up at the main office on their own time. Although supplies are provided, students are encouraged to use their own if they have them.

Jenkins and art teacher Stephanie Woshner worked from nine in the morning to three in the afternoon filling cups of paint to supply to their 177 students. Each art student was given one cup of each color (red, blue, yellow, and white).

There are still many projects that students cannot participate in currently, including sculpture, clay, printmaking, and many more. “COVID is making teaching art challenging for sure but we are overcoming it,” Jenkins wrote.