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What’s on your Thanksgiving table?

Evelyn Kuzminski and Cat Pizzarello November 15, 2022


Jacob Luizer and Luke Yeager perform a cheer stunt with Tae Herron as the flier. 10/12/22. Photo courtesy of Olivia Powers.

To Destress after PSATs, Students Enjoy PowerBuff Game

Alexa Sterner and William Kluttz November 14, 2022

After the PSAT, students gathered to watch the annual Powerbuff game. Previously known as the Powderpuff, each grade had a team, and all of the players had a great time on the field.    The...

Milestones in photography history

Milestones in photography history

Taylor Helfer, staff writer November 9, 2022

This photo captures Felicity Banner (they/them), organizer of the walkout at Loudoun County High School, standing in front of the students participating in the walk out. Banner is holding a Non-Binary pride flag.

Student Led LGBTQIA+ Walk-Out Organized by Felicity Banner

Rachel Edgar, staff writer November 3, 2022

A student-led walkout took place on September 27, supporting transgender students rights, and protesting against new model policies that put transgender students at risk in Loudoun County. This walkout...

Jarrel Taylor pauses in his office between appointments. Taylor’s duties include making schedule changes, collaborating with parents, and students, so most of his time is spent meeting with students.

Meet Jarrel Taylor

Karen Martinez, staff writer November 3, 2022

During his teenage years in high school Taylor was told he wasn’t college material by his school counselor which didn’t have a positive impact on him. “I had a school counselor who basically told...

Seniors Ej Faal (right) and Leina Young (left) campaign together, both hoping for victory. Faal made bracelets that said “Vote Ej” and passed them out at school. 
	Photo montage from Ej Faal’s Instagram story.

The underclassmen courts

Olivia DeWan, Editor-in-chief October 20, 2022

Sparkling lights, glittering dresses, the Friday night football game, are all things we associate with homecoming. During the pep-rally, the underclassmen would stare longing from the bleachers as seniors...

Note-taking by the numbers

Note-taking by the numbers

Evelyn Kuzminski, layout editor June 8, 2022

I display my XC and Track varsity letter and awards, along with my academic varsity letter on a medal stand. It made me wonder what other students do with their letters. Photo by Cat Pizzarello.

Varsity letters- What to do with them?

Cat Pizzarello, Staff Writer June 7, 2022

You often see them in 90’s movies worn on the backs of many flaunting their earned varsity jackets. Since 1865, originally earned by Harvard University baseball team, varsity letters have been a venerable...

Wellness Wednesday

Alexis Shugars, Staff Writer June 7, 2022

On March 16, 2022, students of Loudoun County High School participated in an activity of their choice in an attempt to start off the school day stress free. Students were able to choose from a variety...

Senior Jordyn Chambers shelves books at the Sycolin Creek Elementary School library. The students chose to volunteer at the library for their Captains Outreach community service, which takes place during the last month of school. Photos courtesy of Sophia Kuzminski.

Captains Outreach: seniors spend their last days giving back

Evelyn Kuzminski, Layout Editor June 7, 2022

Classrooms have been a bit emptier than usual recently, but there’s still nearly a month left of school. Where is everyone? The absences are mostly from the senior class, many of whom are participating...

Consulting and Confidence

Olivia DeWan, Online Editor June 3, 2022

In addition to being a track star, ROTC Captain, and committed to Vanderbilt University, senior Charlotte Penberthy is adding one more accomplishment to her already impressive resume: Mary Kay consultant. “My...

Leaving with Legacy

June 3, 2022

Maggie Sheridan laughs cheerfully, pulling in the rest of the journalism class with her lighthearted joking, a common occurrence in the classroom. As Editor in Chief of the County Chronicle Sheridan continuously...

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