For gymnasts like Junior Maddie Reece, practicing gymnastics is a mix of individual effort and team accomplishments. With only five members, the gymnastics team is small, but each member of the team brings her own passion.

Each girl has an individual goal at the beginning of the season, but they come together to score as a team. “Our goals as a team are to make our routines consistent and make improvements to score higher week after week at our meets,” said head coach Macie Heuring.

Coach Heuring, along with assistant coach Alyssa Casanova, are teaming up for the first time this year to coach the girls gymnastics team. This is Heuring’s first year as head coach after former coach Jennifer Merritts stepped down.

The girls are picking up after the highlight of last year’s season in gymnastics, in which current senior Kristin Gettier moved up to regionals and states for bars. She didn’t return due to an injury.

“Last year and this year are different because this year we gained two new gymnasts and a new assistant coach,” said Reece.

Reece has been on the team for two years and has grown as an athlete. “I have accomplished some goals, like specific tumbling skills I wanted to get on floor, and I’m still working on other skills, like an aerial on beam,” she said.

While Reece enjoys the team, she wishes it were more widely known. “I wish people knew we had a gymnastics team,” she said. “It’s so much fun and the team has a great time at both practices and competitions.”

“Maddie Reece has definitely been our stand out gymnast this year,” said Huering. “She continues to improve and gain new skills. She has placed for multiple events as well as winning two first place all around titles this season.”

Team leadership and friendship make the team stronger. “It wouldn’t be the same without my friends and amazing coaches,” said Reece. “Leadership is important because it helps us stay motivated and excited about everything we do.”

Heuring has been coaching for ten years, but she is new to the sport. “This is only my second year coaching gymnastics so it is still new to me. I’ve always loved watching gymnastics and I love learning new things about the sport that help me become a better coach.”