Downtown Leesburg Spotlight: ZEST Boutique

The holiday season for giving has begun, and it can be tricky to find the perfect gift. Zest, a locally owned clothing boutique selling “everyday essentials and stylish statements” suitable for all ages, comes to the rescue for the residents of Leesburg. JENNY HALDEMAN, Zest’s manager, says, “Our audience ranges from children as young as 13, and our fine jewelry also attracts older shoppers.” With the variety of products, customers are ensured to find the perfect gift.


Haldeman looks forward to the holiday season and collections that are coming to Zest. Haldeman says, “Be on the lookout for Christmas sales and events!” After just finishing their big Black Friday event and small business Saturday, Zest is currently having an exclusive Kendra Scott Jewelry trunk show. If a customer spends over $125, they will receive a free gift from the jeweler.


Haldeman notices that Kendra Scott jewelry is popular amongst teenagers, and that this trunk show will attract lots of customers, so if customers are looking, buy as soon as possible.


With the weather constantly fluctuating, Zest offers tons of different wooly sweaters, from thick cashmere to lightweight cotton. “Our special holiday sweaters, shawl vests, New Years outfits, and Christmas outfits are selling out quickly,” Haldeman remarks, implying that shoppers looking for these specific items, Zest is the place to go.


Haldeman takes pride in managing this boutique. Her favorite product as of right now are ABLE purses, “I have three of my own, and Zest loves supporting small women owned companies.”


The quality of Zest’s clothing and accessories is incomparable to fast fashion pieces, and the price is reasonable. The boutique includes many timeless pieces and dainty, classy jewelry that will last a lifetime. Each customer knows they are guaranteed a long wear time.