Tag! You’re it! Students form a tag game during school hours


Sophie Hylton hides from the tagger as she gets to class. Photo by Lorenzo Salas.

Senior Sophie Hylton has found a way to make life more exciting for student organizers of this year’s tag game. Hylton, creator of tag, began the game in sophomore year. “Maddie Robb came to me sophomore year and asked me to play. There was a movie where a bunch of adults played tag and Robb was like, “I want to do that.” said Hylton. 

Hylton said that last year Robb moved away and Hylton decided to continue the game on her own. However, a game of tag isn’t that simple, there are rules that come to it. “The last player tagged is it for the rest of the day, until they tag someone else,” Hylton said. 

According to Hylton, for her group of friends which mostly consist of theater students, there is a list of times and locations that are off limits. Spirit weeks, rehearsals, class time, library, and the cafeteria. Other limitations include not being able to tag someone when the stage is being set up, no tagging in the black box, and no tag in the annex.

Ceci Stewart, Kiran Fensterwald, Olivia Zeutchel, Jordan Pearson, Jada Venson, Kat Blackwood, Logan Walton, Maxwell McKnight, and Paul Navarro are the main tag players according to Hylton.

“When we go down to theater class we will all be like ‘Who’s it? Who’s it?’ And it’s just this big mess,” Hylton said. “I was in study hall, and I got a message from [Jada] saying [Cat] was it and she was sitting across from me and I ran to the women’s dressing room.”

Hylton has not come up with other games at this time. Hylton said, “That sounds appealing, when we were coming up with our ideas for this. We were debating different types of games. But once you bring another aspect into it, it becomes misconstrued.” 

With such a complicated game, how would you keep it fresh and interesting?

“I’ve been having a hard time posting about it on social media because I’m busy with other things.” Hylton realized, “That’s not the point of the game. The point is to have fun. It’s just a thing to remember.” 

With the class of 2022 feeling weird due to coming back into in person learning, it is nice to have a feeling of normalcy with a student-run game.