Students in Kathryn Ives’ English class perform scenes from “Macbeth” in front of the library’s new green screens. The screens allow students to take still or moving photography, using various software to change the background. Photo: Christina Burge

Recently, a Raider Recording Studio has been added in the library. The idea was started by librarian Christina Burge. “Doing projects this way makes things more fun for the students and provides an interesting way to learn,” said Burge. As a former graphic design teacher, she believes that students have an easier time working with the software compared to some teachers.

The recording studio is fairly straight-forward and easy to use. You stand in front of the green wall and make a video or take photos. Then, you can edit and choose from different software. From there you select the color and use tools to erase parts you don’t want included in the video. Finally, you insert the background of your choice.Students use it for a variety of classes.

“So far we’ve had two English classes and a French class,” said Burge. The librarians just received a grant to get a camera to use in order to take better quality pictures and videos. She hopes that it will take off as more time passes and more students become aware of it. “I’m excited because I think it will open up new doors for everyone,” said Burge.