Aiming for 3 pointers, six feet apart


Jenny Allen works on her defense during the home game against Lightridge. This is County’s third game of the season, and the players are slowly getting used to the mask mandate. The girls won this match with a score of 58 to 16.

The girl’s varsity basketball team is among the first major teams to start the season during the pandemic. The team has been very successful throughout previous years and is full of dedicated fans, coaches, and players. They are learning to follow brand new regulations in order to ensure their safety and it is up to them to become used to this new way of playing.

During their offseason, the team practiced outside on the tennis courts while remaining socially distanced. They also worked out in smaller groups instead of one huge group. These groups were known as workout “pods” and were used in case someone were to get infected, so they wouldn’t infect the whole team.

“The big thing I think our girls did really well this offseason was understanding the protocols we had to take during each workout such as; having to wear masks, keep physical distance, and limit and adapt different basketball drills,” said Varsity coach Austin Campbell.

Unfortunately, the team has lost a handful of players, as several chose not to play this season due to the pandemic. “I understand they need to do what’s best for them and their family. What I’m really excited about is the group we have returning this year,” Campbell said.

The number of games has also been shortened. The team went from twenty two games a season to only sixteen. They will play roughly three games a week and fans are not permitted to come and watch.

The players are saddened to know that their supporters will not be able to watch them play in person. “It’s hard to know we won’t have any spectators because it’s my senior year and so this is the last time they will see me play,” senior Tess McMullen said.

Instead, the school put in cameras so that people can still watch the games live as if they were there. However, it is very different from what they are used to. Anyone can watch these games, but they have to pay monthly subscriptions in order to do so.

“This season we will not start the games with a jump ball, and when we are sitting on the bench everyone will have to spread out, we also don’t have locker rooms, so half time will also look different,” junior Jenny Allen said. Players will also be required to wear masks during the entirety of games and practices according to VHSL rules. However, these rules can be subject to change.

Despite these challenges, McMullen is still excited for the upcoming season and what it holds. “Tryouts went really well, and I think we will have a fairly strong team,” McMullen said, “This season will look different because we will be a more athletic team with decent incoming freshmen.”

Allen and McMullen are both returning players on Varsity. “Every player on the team adds something to the team to make us feel like a team and I’m excited to see how we play, and to have a fun season with everyone,” Allen said.

Tryouts were three days this season and cuts will be made right after. “A new thing this year I plan on doing is filming the tryouts, that way I can ensure I didn’t miss anything when evaluating our players,” Campbell said.

Campbell is very proud of his team and the way they are handling this situation. “This group has done a tremendous job of adjusting and adapting to the new changing rules and guidelines we have. They’ve really done a great job of working on their game outside of our practices.”

Although players are still worried about COVID, these rules will help limit their exposure and make it a safer environment to play their sport. “I think our County has laid out a safe and effective plan for us to be able to have a season,” Campbell said, “There will always be some concerns, we just have to all remember we’re in this together and to do our part.”

Allen is hopeful that all of her fellow teammates as well as herself stay healthy and safe during the season. “I really hope that our season will stay in place and we get to have all of our games and activities,” Allen said.

“I’m very excited for this upcoming season. I think the seniors deserve to have this final season and all the girls have put in a tremendous amount of work and sacrifices to make this happen. I think if we continue to take care of the little things and compete, we could have a fun and exciting season,” Campbell said.