New technology enhances school security

A new addition to improve school security was introduced to teachers this year. There is now badge access to every copy and workroom in the school. Only staff have these badges, to help add a “… layer of security and easier access for teachers to these areas,” said security specialist, Melissa Burrows.

The new ID system also allows doors to remain locked in case of an emergency while still allowing teachers access to the rooms. Teachers and staff have found them to allow more privacy to the workrooms as well. In past years’, students have been known to walk into workrooms to just say hi or ask the teachers for something. This new feature allows for the teachers to not be interrupted during their lunch or planning time.

This new addition to the school may make a larger appearance in years to come if the school can provide for it. Principal Michelle Luttrell told the Loudoun Raider that student ID’s could be used to pay for school meals and to check out library books in future years.