LCHS rallies to help those in need

The LCHS school community is home to several clubs and organizations dedicated to community service. Whether it’s donating canned food or makeup, students and faculty seem to have a drive to better their community when it’s down. Over the years, Parent Liaison Daiane Doorman has seen firsthand how the students and faculty have assist our school community.

“Last year during the fall and winter time we collected winter coats for our students here and asked for other gently used items that we can put in our coat closet. We also had Teacher Cadet, ROTC, and Keyettes do a food drive for Backpack Buddies, so we had our Backpack Buddies pantry full for most of the year,” said Doorman.

Specifically, the LCHS community helped out when a former student, who had a baby, passed away.

“We sent out a message internally, and teachers from our school and other schools sent in items for the baby. We also try to work with the existing nonprofits in the community. For example, if one of our clubs wanted to do a diaper drive for the Diaper Bank, we’d connect the club with the organization,” said Doorman.

Even if you aren’t involved in clubs, you can still get involved. The school is always looking for donations of anything that might be helpful for underprivileged students.

“Students can donate toothbrushes at anytime to Backpack Buddies. If someone wanted to collect or donate 50 toothbrushes, it could help out the program tremendously. We also had a couple of students donate makeup for prom, which is something that most wouldn’t think about,” said Doorman.

For years, Keyettes, an all-girls volunteer organization, has volunteered and donated to support the school community. Former Keyettes President Sarah Van Hook found working with Keyettes to be very beneficial.

“It was really rewarding to give back. It was amazing to see how even though we live in the richest, there are still a bunch of kids that do need our help,” said Van Hook.

On September 23, Keyettes held a six-hour car wash in front of Roy Rogers with all proceeds going towards hurricane relief. Current Keyettes President Isobel Suttie found it was success.

   “We chose to donate the money to hurricane relief because it was a current issue that impacted a lot of countries and I felt that our money could help more than just an isolated group of people in Virginia. Overall, it was success and we raider $830,” said Suttie.

The contributions that out school community makes in this world have potential to have lasting effects.