Artist of the Issue: Music captures the heart of musician and performer, Collin Diem


Collin Diem (left) and Gabe Cunnington (right) sing and pose during the performance of “Seussical” at Simpson Middle School. Diem is a freshman participating in Loudoun County’s productions and performances. Photo by Collin Diem.

As the lights shine and the confidence beams on the stage of County’s auditorium, you will see freshman star, Collin Diem improvising for his theater class. Growing up in a “musical household,” Diem has always had an interest in music. Now, he has started using music to manage his day to day life.


Starting in fourth grade, Diem joined the chorus as his mom and sister both sang, while his dad played various instruments. As he got older, he attended many of his older sisters’ performances at County and became fascinated. 


“I went to go see hers and was just thinking, that’s crazy,” Diem said. He later adds, “It was the most fun she’s ever had and so I thought it would be good for me to try it.”


Starting in fourth grade, Diem joined chorus and started to progress over the years. He began working more on harmonizing, which also translates over to the musical aspect of drama and continues to build his performing confidence.


“The more you advance in choir, you’re going to start doing more harmonies, which is really fun. When people think of two different notes, or even three, or four or five, it blends together really cool,” Diem said.


In early August of 2022, Collin tried out for the football team and made it his first year of high school. Although he was excited, the struggle with balancing his extracurriculars got tough.


“The football schedule is annihilating, and on top of that I had at least five pages of material to study,” Diem said. He later explains that he has no real method of studying, but rather simply being confident in himself before activities.


Although Diem explains there is no real method of studying, he uses music to manage other aspects of his day.


“It’s definitely a big part of my life. It’s a source of fun, entertainment, and even background noise when I’m working or doing homework and stuff,” Diem said.


Outside of school, Diem doesn’t do too many projects, but does a few simple things to keep music in his life.


“Sometimes I’ll sit and play guitar in my basement, or I’ll sing in the shower,” Diem said.


Aside from music itself, drama, acting and performing has also been helpful in managing things for Diem.


“It’s given me an outlet. It also showed me possible career choices for me. I know I want to write movies, I know I want to direct. I just think it’s really cool and something I want to pursue,” Diem said.


Diem has had a lot of practice in a performing role lately as well as getting into film studies. Diem was in the most recent County drama club production of “Almost, Maine” starring as Steve, a character who is adventurous but closed off.


“As a freshman, the cast has been so welcoming and they’ve helped bring me up to speed on the great system they run. It was really great to work with Lili Robles who believed in me and gave me a shot for this role,” Diem said.


With the influence of his sister and the experiences Diem has had at County, he is hopeful to be able to continue and pursue a career in drama and music. In fact, Diem said, “I would want to do as much of it as I can. I really just want to be part of the community. I really do love it.”