Orchestra Channels Trans-Siberian-Orchestra Theme During Winter Concert

On Tuesday, December 2, the Orchestra performed in the auditorium for their winter concert. The concert opened up with a three song performance from a student quartet that included  Felicity Banner and Pearson Lee on violin, Carlos Escobar on viola, and Grant McMillan on Cello.

During the main concert the orchestra performed three songs by the Trans-Siberian-Orchestra: Requiem, Wish Liszt, A Mad Russian’s Christmas, and Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24.

“The concert was awesome, everybody had a blast,” Matthew Trkula, the Orchestra director, said. “The kids had fun, the audience had fun.  They sounded good, It looked good.” The Orchestra was joined by Wayne Griffin on electric bass and Grant McMillan on electric guitar. McMillan had also played cello in the opening quartet. They gave the concert the feel of Trans-Siberian-Orchestra.

“I’m very, very happy with it,” Trkula said.