The Washington Commanders should rename again

On February 2, the Washington Football Team, formerly known as the Redskins, announced their new name, The Washington Commanders. I join many other vocal fans in disliking the new name.


The Commanders should rename again. The logo is bad and so is the name to fix this. The name is not cool compared to most other teams. The merch isn’t nice or cool because the logo just makes all the merch not look as good as other team’s merch looks.


The Commander’s name is boring and not as cool as the other teams, whose names often include references to places they are from or their team mascots and logos, which is what makes them iconic to hear. The logo is just a W, and I wish it would have more personality than a single letter of the alphabet and not be so dull.


The name came because of the team being located by the White House. Almost all DC teams have a military meaning just because of DC being the capital. The Commanders and Dan Synder, the owner of the Commanders thought because it is a DC, named it a military theme.


An example is the Washington Hogs. It is a better name that references the famous offensive line of the 1980s fondly nicknamed the Hogs. The allusion to this piece of trivia would make it more personal for the Washington fans and would be a way better logo because it could be a hog/a pig which includes a sense of personality that the fans would like more than a W.


The name Red Wolves or Wolves was also being discussed as a possibility for the new team name but it couldn’t be done because many other teams had that name.


Here is my solution. Have the Commanders make a survey and let the Washington fans vote on a name. It would make it so fans could have an impact and not be upset about the name because they would have voted on it at least.


They did change up the uniforms by adding a third one which is black with yellow/gold. The only thing they keep the same from before was their colors which are white, burgundy, and gold.


In my personal opinion, a name that includes an animal would be a smart choice, particularly as it fits the theme for as many other NFL teams already have include animals in their names, such as Detroit Lions, Cincinnati Bengals, Philadelphia Eagles, Atlanta Falcons, etc.


The Capitals are named for DC being the capital, and the Nationals are named for the DC area, but I don’t think we need to keep that same military and government theme while naming team names. Other teams’ names have nothing to do with the area they are in. For example there are no wild lions anywhere near the Detroit Lions, unless you see them at the zoo.


In an article from CBS sports, author Jordan Dajani summarizes the results of a Washington Post citywide poll. Of 904 D.C. residents, about half of fans “dislike” or “hate” the new name, and there were only a few who “love” it.”


I know it would be a little tough to make it happen. Even though the Commanders are better than the generic “Washington Football Team,” I think the Commanders could do so much better with their name, logo, and making many of their fans happier, especially me.