Book Recommendations

Summer’s coming! Here are some books to check out:

Sharp objects

A journalist returns to her hometown to write about the murders of two children in the span of one year but finds more than she bargained for. The show is 90% accurate to the book.


All the bright places

Two teenagers struggling with personal problems are assigned a class project together in which they have to travel the area together, all while developing their relationship with each other.



A group of kids trying to prove to a classmate that everything matters, each contributing something that has meaning, but as people contribute to the pile, the more frightening the items get.


The Hate U give

A teenage girl witnesses her best friend get murdered by a police officer and has to deal with the aftermath and getting justice for her friend while also fighting off racial stereotypes and hate.


The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

A man named Arther suddenly finds himself exploring space with aliens and robots searching for long lost answers to million old questions and theories about the universe.