Hot takes on when Christmas should be celebrated


Loudoun County sophomore Samuel Fantu poses for the camera after sharing his opinion on Christmas. In school for 10 years and complaining about Christmas lights at Halloween for 15 years, Fantu looks forward to celebrating Christmas after Thanksgiving. Photo by Crawford Holmes.

Following a very odd year away from normal life, the holiday season is making its comeback. We asked students around the school when they start their holiday season.


Most of those we surveyed agree the Christmas season should generally start right after Thanksgiving, with junior Henry Quinta thinking that Christmas should be celebrated a couple weeks before and after Christmas. On the fact that most people stop celebrating Christmas on or shortly after December 25, Quinta said, “It’s their thing, and I’m not going to barge into their business.”


Many, like Quinta, believe that Christmas should be celebrated when the family chooses to. “You can start it whenever you feel like celebrating,” said freshman Micah Desser.


“It is the American right to celebrate Christmas only the day before Christmas Eve,” sophomore Chase Johnson said. Johnson’s family put decorations up only a week before Christmas and chose to save the celebration for the big day. 


Some, like junior Callie Keys, believe there isn’t enough Christmas being celebrated. “Way too late is UNACCEPTABLE,” said Keys, stating that Christmas is better celebrated a little on the early side. 


While many believe that more celebrating is better, there is also a stigma against intruding on other holidays, October is Halloween time,” Johnson said, a sentiment shared among many people. Steckler says celebrating early “ruins the fall,” and that people who enjoy the Christmas season get a whole month after Thanksgiving to celebrate.


Others like Samuel Fantu think that seeing Christmas decorations too early causes Christmas to become “boring.” 


Celebrating right after Thanksgiving has its fair share of allegations against it as well. Fantu thinks that people should enjoy the atmosphere of Thanksgiving while it lasts, saying, “If you put up the Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving doesnt have the same feeling anymore.”


A side of the argument no students mentioned, however, was the qualities of Christmas that go year round. Principal Michelle Luttrell says that doing things like listening to Christmas music, “makes me feel good,” and remarks that she listens to Christmas music all year round, despite packing up decorations in time for the new year. “Why are we just listening to Mariah Carey in December?” said Luttrell.