November artist of the issue: Sabrina Gillis

Sabrina Gillis has been involved with art since she was a sophomore at County.

Her favorite medium is paper and pencil. “Although I do enjoy using paints and markers because I think they look best when it’s in its rawest form of just pencil on paper,” she said.

Gillis says her favorite artist is Rally Mor. “She has more of a cartoonist spin on her art where she uses women and their demons.”

Another inspiration is an artist on Instagram who posts under the surname Ts-abe. “She has a very realistic style and works with mostly pencil and paper. She brings her work to life using movement by drawing multiple traces and adding them together,” Gillis said.

Gillis loves art and spends most of her free time drawing. “My favorite thing about art is how you can create anything you want; the only limit is your mind,” she said.

“You can ask any artist they’ll probably tell you something similar, every piece tells a story,” said Gillis. She is currently working on a piece that she is having a fun time creating, “The hardest part is trying to get every detail into making it as realistic as possible,” she said.

Gillis is looking into fine arts programs at CNU. She’s been thinking about choosing a major based around art studio or history and wants to incorporate art later into her career.