Students differ in opinions about locker usage

Locker usage at Loudoun County High School has been known to not be very useful. Students have five minutes to get from class to class, and stopping by their locker is their least priority.

Senior Nia Dumas was asked if she believed lockers were useful and she responded “Yes, because you can put textbooks in when you’re not using them in class, and jackets or sweatshirts so you don’t have to carry them around school. Dumas does not believe lockers should be removed. Dumas was also asked if lockers should be permanently removed from LCHS since their rarely used and her response was “No, they should not because some kids may find them beneficial, and you can’t take something away that may help a student be successful.”

Junior Rachel Reppert, was asked similar questions and has a total different point of view. Reppert believes lockers aren’t useful and her response was, “Most kids don’t have time to use this or feel the need to use them since they have their back packs on all day.” Reppert was also asked if she believes locker should be removed and her response was “If it doesn’t cost a lot or affect the school in any negative ways, then yes they should be removed for space reasons.”