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Although Loudoun County is the richest county in America, it neglects to give more attention to animals in need. Instead, a majority is used for schools. A club at our school is trying to change that.
According to English teacher and club sponsor Katherine Ives, the purpose of the animal support club is to raise funds to support needy animals in Loudoun County. Students will go and volunteer at events and participate in food drives for pets.

Senior president of the club, Sam Hartman, approached Ives during the beginning of his junior year and asked her to be the sponsor. “We need more students like Hartman,” Ives said. “We need students who open their hearts to animals in need. It’s not the teacher’s club, it’s the student’s club.”

Hartman created the club because animals in need is a major issue that he feels strongly about. “I’ve always been in love with helping animals and when there wasn’t a club I was interested in joining, I decided to create one,” he said.

According to the Loudoun County Animal Services website, there was a total of 450 animals reported to animal control within the month of September.

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“The club is very different than others at Loudoun County,” Hartman said. “It’s something that hasn’t been done before. We help spread awareness because there’s a lot more in need than you would think and we want to promote adoption.”

Hartman said his club meetings vary from month to month. This depends on the scheduling of fundraisers and events occurring within the club. During the most recent meeting, Hartman states that he’s kicking off the school year with a new fundraiser. The Humane Society is also taking part in this.

“I don’t think students know about my club that much,” Hartman admitted. “We’ve had posters and morning announcements about food drives, however it isn’t being advertised as much as it should be.”

The animal support club has already been thriving more than last year with so far 30 members. Hartman stated that if a student likes helping animals, helping society and having fun, this club is the place for you.

“If you care about animals in Loudoun County, and you want to do things to make a difference supporting the animals, join our club,” Ives said.

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