Students experience a taste of college in NOVA classes

Marshall Scott | Raider Staff

Many courses at County offer higher level information and knowledge. Advanced Placement and honors classes give students the opportunity to challenge themselves with a more rigorous course and a GPA boost as well. LCHS also offers classes partnered with Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) that are college-level courses and award college credits for taking the course. These classes benefit the student by preparing them for college with the ability to take them in high school rather than in college.

Dual-enrollment classes are the most commonly-taken classes offered by NOVA. They cover a variety of courses and have higher expectations for the students.

Junior Bella Sauer takes dual-enrollment US History. “There is more note taking, along with tests and quizzes, without projects and group work,” Sauer said. “The expectations are much higher, and a more active role in class and at home is required. While the workload is bigger, it pays off because you get college credits while still in high school. It prepares you more for school after high school than any other course can, and that’s why I love the opportunity.”

Some students take classes at the NOVA campus after school. Senior Tomasz Anders is enrolled in a math class and goes after school from Monday through Thursday.
“It’s quite a commitment, but it’s a great environment and I’ve met some new friends,” Anders said. “As long as you can keep up with the workload, you can get a lot out of it and it’s a huge benefit for me.”

NOVA classes offer a variety of benefits, filled with opportunity for all students prepared to take a step towards continuing their education after high school.