Youtube Review: Shane Dawson breaks barriers with new docuseries

Alex Weber | Raider Staff

With over 17 million subscribers, YouTuber Shane Dawson announced in September that he would be doing eight documentary videos about Jake Paul. Paul, a stunt devil, also has 17 million YouTube followers and posts videos almost daily featuring stunts and pranks.

Dawson has done docuseries with other YouTubers, but this one is his most controversial.

In the first video, “The Mind of Jake Paul,” he becomes better acquainted with Paul by watching Paul’s videos and his family’s. Paul’s parents and brother Logan all have YouTube channels. We learn that Paul’s dad is a crazy prankster who pushes the boys to be the best they can be at whatever they do, suggesting that this could be a reason for Paul’s extreme pranks.

Fans reacted adversely and passionately to the first video, many worried that Paul is receiving unwarranted free publicity.

Dawson admitted that he did not expect the backlash, but continued the series, warning, “I also want to do stuff on my channel that I find interesting. The fall of Jake Paul and the darkness of his world, is something that I am fascinated by.”

Paul and Dawson meet in his fifth and six videos where he gets to know Paul and see how and where he lives, which is perhaps the most interesting part, especially when Paul brings a psychiatrist without Paul knowing.

Is Jake Paul a sociopath or not? Time, and the last videos in the series, may tell.