Teacher cadets pose as the animal cast of characters in “Giraffes Can’t Dance,” which they performed in front of the Sycolin Creek kindergarten class in October. The play helped children learn about self esteem and gave cadets the chance to perform in front of others. Photo: Courtney Jones


On October 29, Teacher Cadets performed “Giraffes Can’t Dance” as part of their self-esteem unit at Sycolin Creek. The kindergarten audience seemed to enjoy the performance, according to sponsor Tricia Virts.

The play, about a giraffe who cannot dance even though all the other animals can, is all about self esteem, according to junior Emily Taylor: “It was good to show to elementary school students,” she said.

Teacher Cadets helps high school students experience teaching as a career, giving them the opportunity to observe, and later teach, in elementary school classrooms. Many students find it is a way to build self confidence. Junior Alexa Novak was hesitant at first to perform in front of an audience. “It ended up being fun because the kids see high schoolers in onesies and think, ‘Wow, they’re really cool,’” she said. “It was fun to see their reactions and how much they loved it.”

Junior Brady Hunt played the role of narrator, so he had the chance to watch the kindergarteners’ reactions. “At one point, the giraffe fell down, and everyone started giggling,” he said, noting that a highlight was playing Baby Shark, when they all started dancing.

After the performance, the group was contacted by Leesburg Elementary school with a request for a repeat. “They enjoyed it. They were laughing and dancing along with us,” said Taylor.