Chromebooks: 1:1 devices an asset to education

Alison Pichney | Raider Staff

On August 23, Chromebooks were distributed to all students in Loudoun County High School as part of Loudoun County Public School’s 1:1 initative. The goal of this initiative is to supply each student with a learning device. Though questions initially swarmed about whether our infrastructure could handle the technology, after the first few months of school, the Chromebooks seem to be a success.

Abigail Sauro and Abigail Berard, both sophomores at Loudoun County High School, view the technology favorably. “I like my Chromebook because it helps you have more access to school and some kids that don’t have computers at home can now do their homework at home,” Sauro said.

According to the 2016 Loudoun County Survey of Residents, a striking 2.8% of residents have no access to Internet at home. As stated by the Administration of Loudoun County Public Schools, the initivitave of the Chromebooks was to give all students an ability to use technology. This is essential to the participation of students in school because now everyone is equal when it comes to their access to homework online. “I think it definitely helps with making all students feel included,” Berard said.

Jim Noland, a teacher and long-term substitute in Loudoun County, thinks that LCPS is trying to expand its use of technology and learning, and the Chromebooks are intended to level the playing field so everyone can have access to technology, so there’s better communication with teachers and students.

“It makes it easier to text and contact teachers, and it allows teachers to post reminders,” Noland said about the universality of the Chromebooks. Giving students reminders alerts them to do their assignments, ultimately instilling the fact that they should get on with their assignments. According to, studies show that homework improves standardized test scores. These alerts on the Chromebooks may help improve the test scores of most students in Loudoun County.

The availability of Chromebooks also makes it easier for students to turn things in. The turn-in feature on Google Classroom makes it possible for students to deliver their assignments to their teachers digitally and with the simple click of a button.

“I think the Chromebooks have definitely improved my grades because with Google classroom and the turn in option, I don’t have to trek all the way to school to turn in assignment. Now if I’m sick and as soon as I’m finished with an assignment, I can get feedback on it quickly,” sophomore Belle Colon said.

The Chromebooks have also enhanced student life. English teacher Katie Daniel said that she can now see a connection between every student in the school.

Anyone could type something up anywhere in school. WiFi is available anywhere, anytime. All students can now use technology, increasing the threshold to a higher level of sophistication for all LCPS students.

The Chromebooks have made it easier to turn things into teachers, improving grades because of immediate feedback instead of waiting for the grade to show online. It also links classmates, improving everyone’s school spirit.