Gifts and Munch Munch More: student business returns during hybrid learning

The student-run business Gifts and Munch Munch More was started last year to sell snacks and drinks, as well as student made items such as candle holders and bookmarks to school staff . It is run by students in Workspace Skills and CII (Community Independence Instruction)

“The students would analyze the orders, stock the cart, and deliver the items each week within the school,” said Alyssa Casanova, one of the two teachers helping to run the business. “Unfortunately, doing the initial shut down and full distant learning environment, we really couldn’t do much so the business was placed on hold.”

When students began returning to campus in October, the business began selling Captains buttons and beaded lanyards for masks.

“The students who were in-person were able to make the items and the online students helped with advertising and managing the orders online,” Casanova said. “We changed the selling process so now anyone (staff, students, or community members) can now order a button or lanyard.”

Now that staff are back in the building, Casanova and her fellow teacher Chelsea Eddy have introduced a new delivery system for snacks.

“Staff members pre-ordered a snack and/or drink for 10 weeks,” Casanova said. “The students will pre-bag their items and quarantine them ahead of time. We are going to deliver the items each Friday afternoon, but unlike before, staff cannot change their order each week. It’s like a magazine subscription where the same thing arrives each week. The beauty of this setup is that staff could order almost anything they wanted since we purchased items based off their orders instead of the other way around, so we’ve actually had more buy in. Our first snack delivery is set for the week after spring break.”

Students, staff, and community can order from Gifts and Munch Munch More via the school website.

What class (course) does this store run through?