Sierra captures love of photography at Brambleton Library


Isabella Sierra has recently found a passion with photography. This interest started around two years ago and has only been getting stronger and stronger. “After taking photography and film classes at school I realized how much I truly enjoyed it and wanted to keep doing it,” Sierra said.

These classes have urged her to continue to progress and get better. “I love creating and I love working with others, photography lets me do both and also allows me to capture the tiny moments in life that make it beautiful,” Sierra said.

She enjoys doing things the long way and letting the photos develop. “I like to shoot on my digital Canon, but my real passion is using my Pentax to shoot film and developing the images in my darkroom,” Sierra said.

Sierra recently applied to a photography contest through the Brambleton Library Teen center. “My art teacher Mrs. Woshner made me aware of the contest and I decided to go for it,” Sierra said. The application process was quite simple, she just had to complete a form to show her work and a form to include her artist statement.

Her collection was selected by the Librarians and declared one of the winners and was going to be one of few used in the Micro Gallery. It will be up for the entire month of February for people to go observe.

Sierra’s collection is called “Breathing Fresh Air.” “The grey tones of the sand can feel suffocating, while in contrast, the openness of the sky gives you a sense of effortless peace,” Sierra said.

Her goal with this collection was to create a story, rather than individual black and white pictures that did not go together. Sierra believes this idea was achieved. “My goal when creating art is to capture the tiny moments that make life beautiful and preserve them forever,” Sierra said.

Sierra is very proud of the way it turned out, after all of her hard work. “I feel so much joy. It is a great milestone in my art career and just motivates me to continue to work hard and pursue this interest,” Sierra said.

In the future, Sierra plans to continue to incorporate art into her life. “My dream is to attend the Monroe Advanced Technical Academy, also known as MATA, for TV production and film making next year. I also hope to minor or major in Film during college,” Sierra said.