Teacher Feature: Simms joins English department, tackles yearbook

Shawn Simms, the new yearbook advisor at LHCS, was hired this summer to fill Taylor Kanes’ old position. With careful consideration, Simms chose LCHS because she felt it had a “good feel and such a good vibe.”

Despite her having taught for the past 22 years all over the world, with all different types of groups, Simms had never had any experience with the huge task of advising a high school yearbook staff, but she was ready to take on the challenge. “I thought it would be a challenge, I thought it’d be interesting, I love working with the kids at this capacity and I wanted to be at this school,” said Simms. Now already yearbook is in full swing, and one editor, Chloe Adam, is enjoying Mrs. Simms new style so far. “were teaching along with her, so shes letting us incorporate our teaching styles.”

In her past decades on teaching, Simms has taught kids in “Germany…inner-city, and suburbs, and everything in between,” and here at LCHS she is teaching eleventh grade American literature. She finally settled in Virginia to be closer to her family, and had a more freedom to move with all three of her kids being in college.

So far LCHS has made a great impression on Simms and she feels very welcomed and at home here. Many of the staff and community of LCHS have been making sure she’s doing well and helping her with the adjustment. “Kids are really great, and the people are so kind and helpful,” said Simms. Simms has received a lot of support so far, and has made a great impression on the LCHS community. One faculty member, Arlene Lewis reinforced this statement by saying, “She’s a great teacher, she really well organized, knows her material and knows how to deliver on it. She’s a real asset to our department.”

As we rush into the rest of the year, Mrs. Simms will continue to work with students and help creating the 64th Lord Loudoun.